Project Genesis Foundation

Frequently asked questions

What is Project Genesis?

Project Genesis is an open-source initiative to develop new technologies and concepts for cryptocurrencies.

Is Project Genesis an coin, token, or initial coin offering (ICO)?

Nope! It's simply an effort to build out technologies to improve upon existing systems in the cryptocurrency space. Seeing as the technology is open-source, any new or existing projects are welcome to utilize our work.

How can I contribute?

Whether you're a developer, marketer, supporter, or think you've got the next big idea, we could always use a helping hand. Feel free to reach out to us through the contact tab on our website, our public discord, or contribute to our GitHub.

Do you take donations?

Yes, we do!

BTC: 32GyA6dv731hhfXHFe59mWxMPVTPZ38TrT

ETH: 0xDCE455A15Cc9dc164Feff841079d61bD50379Dd0

Fiat: if 😏